Monday, 26 May 2014

30 Day Shred: Day 1

am a broken woman.

But seriously, that was hard and I'm dripping with sweat but I feel good, if a little shaky! I really enjoy Jillian Michael's teaching style. 

We'll see how it goes tomorrow when I do it before work. 

And being me I've created an insert for my planner! 

It's Banditapple paper from a sample request I made a while ago. The paper is gorgeous to write on but as it was smaller than regular MTN inserts and larger than field notes I have known what to do with it. I needed 5 double page spreads for 5 weeks of food tracking so I slipped 3 sheets under the central elastic of my bullet journal. The front page is my exercise and measurements tracking and I'll use the back page for weekly measurements tracking. So I don't lose it I've added a large Martha Stewart tab to the side.